Water Portraits – Making A Splash For Water Conservation (PHOTOS)

water portrait, middle east, north africa, scarcity, conservationIn a bid to highlight our water use and waste, photographer Peter Holmes has created a series of memorable portraits of water use in different countries. 

“Statistics about water consumption are difficult to comprehend and are un-relatable to everyday life – this project attempts to make water consumption visible in a meaningful way.” Well, that’s one way to justify dumping water over people doing something innocent like reading or drinking a cup of tea from places as far afield as Canada and Morocco. It took photographer Peter Holmes over two years to complete the portraits which “bridge the gap between statistics and significance of water use” in a bid to make it more ‘visible’. The stunning results are featured below.

water portrait, middle east, north africa, scarcity, conservation

According to Holmes, the water is dumped on the people doing something which takes around one hour. There were no second takes – which I am sure the subjects appreciated! The photos do however give a really visceral sense of the amount of water use disparity there is. In Morocco the average person uses 4.5 litres per hour (top image) whilst in California the average person uses 32 liters every hour. Indeed, the USA did pretty bad overall with the average American using 23.75 liters every hour – so those lovely volunteers were really in for a soaking.

water portrait, middle east, north africa, scarcity, conservation

Europe didn’t do too badly – Belgians use 4.3 liters per hour, Serbians consume 5.3 liters per hour and the Spanish use 12 liters. In England it was 4.9 liters per person every hour and 3.8 liters per person every hour in the Netherlands. Turkey was closer to European standards than the rest of MENA with the average person using 9.3 Liters every hour.

water portrait, middle east, north africa, scarcity, conservation

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All photos via Peter Holmes / Water Portraits on Flickr.

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