Luxury Fisker Karma Electric Vehicle Hits the Middle East

Middle East, MENA, GCC, Gulf, Arabian Gulf, Fisker Karma, Electric Vehicles, eco-friendly car, eco-transportationThere really isn’t a better market than the Arabian Gulf for Fisker’s luxury electric vehicle, that smooth and opulent 5,000 pound Karma, so it comes as no surprise to learn that one of the world’s most expensive electric vehicles will soon be spotted flying down roads throughout the Middle East.

While many western buyers are crippled by economic hardships, except for the so-called one percent and Justin Bieber, certain residents of the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia coasting on oil money can still afford the $136,000 – $163, 320 (AED 500,000 – 600,000) price tag that comes with this ‘eco-friendly sedan.’

Middle East, MENA, GCC, Gulf, Arabian Gulf, Fisker Karma, Electric Vehicles, eco-friendly car, eco-transportationAl-Futtaim Trading Enterprises and Fisker Automotive sealed a contract last week that gives Al-Futtaim exclusive rights to import and distribute the Fisker Karma to countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Egypt and the Levant.

The official unveiling ceremony took place at Al Badia Golf Club, Dubai Festival City, where the first showroom will be opened by the end of the year.

“Fisker offers an environmental alternative to traditional luxury vehicles and we are well placed and proud to partner with Fisker and support their vision of delivering uncompromised, responsible luxury to this part of the world,” said Colin Cordery, Managing Director, Trading Enterprises.

“Al-Futtaim has built strength and credibility in delivering great customer experience and this latest partnership with Fisker automobiles further reiterates our position as the region’s number one dealer of the finest automotive brands.”

Middle East, MENA, GCC, Gulf, Arabian Gulf, Fisker Karma, Electric Vehicles, eco-friendly car, eco-transportation

“Today is a proud moment for the Fisker brand as it is the start of our journey in the Middle East,” said Henrik Fisker, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman at Fisker Automotive.

The Fisker Karma is the world’s first luxury EV, and a half-hearted environmentalist’s dream car since it packs serious power, reaching speeds of  60mph in just 6.3 seconds. Although the company hoped that the United States Environmental Protection Agency would certify the vehicle for 67 mpge and a 50 mile range, it was instead certified for 50 mpge and a 32 mile range.

The Gulf countries won’t mind that. But they might have trouble getting used to the time it takes to charge the vehicle, which some critics claim is uncomfortably long.

All images via Fisker Karma’s photostream, Flickr

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