Pink Slime Beef Bankruptcy First Step to Improved Global Diet

pink slime beef patty, APA bankruptMajor pink slime company files for bankruptcy protection in the US.

Dubbed ‘Pink Slime’ by activists and ‘finely textured beef’ by the manufacturers, beef filler made by ammonium has turned out to be a smoking gun in the food industry, demonstrating just how powerful activist intervention is in changing paradigms. One of the biggest ground beef processors in the United States, AFA Foods, is filing for bankruptcy, according to Reuters. It’s just one step in many necessary to clean up our global diets.

According to the story, ground beef processor AFA Foods filed for bankruptcy protection on Monday, citing the impact of the uproar over a meat filler dubbed “pink slime” by critics.

Supporters of AFA, however, still say that pink slime is safe to eat. AFA is one of the largest ground beef processors in the US, and it produces more than 500 million pounds of it every year.

Green Prophet has reported on the implications in the Middle East. “The Middle East may have been spared the use of this meat product largely due to regional dietary laws for both Jews and Muslims,” writes Maurice about pink slime. He’salso put out a call for information specific to our region for more awareness. We couldn’t agree more on the importance of industry insiders to raising awareness of the issues in food production.

From meat glue to pink slime to the heavy use of pesticides and GM foods, the serious fact remains that being conscious in how we choose the foods we eat requires us to be especially vigilant. What’s more, dietary food laws that Jews and Muslims (and others in the Middle East) follow only go so far.

Beyond kosher for instance could mean choosing organic, sustainably grown, and choosing locally harvested. A Mediterranean Diet rich in plant foods is demonstrably healthier over all than one heavy on animal consumption.

It’s not just the icky factor at stake. What we eat is directly linked to the health of future generations. Our reproductive wellbeing and quality of life comes from the foods we eat today, from the foods our parents ate before us, and the foods our children will eat tomorrow.

The data is still fresh but emerging nonetheless – we are what we eat, and the next generation depends on us to make the healthiest of choices.


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