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Recipes US offers a portal into hundreds of thousands of blogger recipes, many connected to the Middle East.

There is no doubt that home cooking is a good thing for our planet. Forget about the packaging waste you save by cooking up a storm at home, but there is all that petrol going out to buy take-away. There are countless reasons why home cooking is better for your whole family, but the main one is control – control over what kind of food recipes you are selecting, as well as every spoon of oil and sugar you are putting into your food. Cooking at home also helps you observe dietary laws, and lets you control how much organic produce and ingredients you can stuff into your entrees.

Green Prophet has a great weekly recipe offered up by Miriam, and these are recipes suited to and inspired by Middle East culture. But when you want to go for some more global fare, where do you turn? A search online will help if you have something specific in mind, and if you are an avid reader of blogs there are various circles and networks you can tap into to tempt your tastebuds. A newer one that I find helpful not only for home chefs, but for food bloggers too is a Recipes US. Using this site food recipes from Recipes US is a search engine for foodie blogs and jumping through it you can discover recipes that match our global village and the couter-culture you won’t see if you just type in recipe requests through Google, usually optimized for the sterile and corporate food recipe sites.

One blogger registered on Recipes US called Life in an RV talks about exploring different cultural recipes while living in an RV. Her take on Lebanon in an RV, and her recipes for dining in it include a Lebanese feast (yes, while living in an RV!). Now of course if this RV is traipsing around middle states in the US it will be impossible to find all the local ingredients needed for Lebanese cooking but Life in an RV has creative alternatives: grapefruit juice in place of orange blossom water.

How about the famous secrets of the Manta Ray restaurant chef in Tel Aviv? The one who serves Madonna when she comes to town. This blog offers we like to cook found on Recipes US gives an authentic hummus recipe from Tel Aviv, Manta Ray style.

With nearly half a million recipes registered from blogs through the site you are bound to find some collection of them suited to the ingredients, climate and culture of where you live. Enjoy!

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