Solar Powered Vending Machines Along Cyprus’ Bus Routes

"solar vending machine"People waiting for the bus on a hot day in Cyprus will soon be able to purchase cold water from a solar powered vending machine.

A few weeks ago Cyprus received the distinction of being the world leader of solar water heater users per capita.  Now it is making strides in cold water as well.  A Spanish-based entrepreneur is in the process of distributing solar powered vending machines that sell cold bottles of water along bus routes in Cyprus, thus quenching the thirst of eco-friendly Cypriot transportation users in a more environmentally sustainable way.

(It could also, of course, quench the thirst of anyone who just finished eating a local pickled songbird dish.)

The vending machines work on a coaxial cooling system, which requires no cooling plate and can be recycled.  This form of cooling is more energy efficient since the products are cooled directly, instead of the air around them.

The solar powered component of the machines means that they are efficient coolers in even the hottest countries.

An agreement has already been reached with the national bus company in Cyprus, stating that the solar powered vending machines will be installed on select routes that have large passenger volume.

The entrepreneur leasing the machines hopes that this idea will spread all over the Middle East and be adopted outside of Cyprus.

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Image via: Dwayne Madden

About Karen Chernick

Much to the disappointment of her Moroccan grandmother, Karen became a vegetarian at the age of seven because of a heartfelt respect for other forms of life. She also began her journey to understand her surroundings and her impact on the environment. She even starting an elementary school Ecology Club and an environmental newsletter in the 3rd grade. (The proceeds of the newsletter went to non-profit environmental organizations, of course.) She now studies in New York. Karen can be reached at karen (at) greenprophet (dot) com.

31 thoughts on “Solar Powered Vending Machines Along Cyprus’ Bus Routes

  1. Steven Lacy

    Graham Smith is up to his old tricks again with sites like:
    Search around the web for Graham Smith inventor and you will find more info about his scams.
    He is a total con man and has had been investigated and arrested by the Gaurdia Civil on more than one occasion.

    • A. Edwards

      I can confirm that Graham Smith is a conman. He cheeted me for a 2000 Euro deposit for a solarplant system. I never saw either material og money. He is reported to the Guardia Civil in April 2016 for fraud. Keep away from this unscrupulous person.

  2. pete

    We had a fishpond heating and cooling system fitted by Graham. We live in Spain. At night in the winter it is -10oc And in the summer +45oc or more.

    If this truly brilliant inventor had not invented his products. We could not have kept KOI carp fish and could not have been able to use the pool all year round.

    Graham loves people writing bad things which aren’t true. He rally doesn’t care about those lairs who make up lies against him.

    I hate to say this…And he will not like me saying it. THIS GUY IS AWESOME. An awesome inventor.

  3. Ali M. Mohamed

    I notice this great inventor is launch a cooling system for saving lives of millions of people.

    It is on his website. I feel I can comment and others can also. But why do sites like this allow others to comment lies and non truths?

    This might be a topic for later but to say bad things about someone is not right when it is lies. Inmy culture you can not do this. I think Mr Smith does the right thing. He doesnt answer any of the lies.

    Like some others I have had the pleasure to meet him. He is a very nice genuine person.

  4. Peter Jarvis

    I was in Israel. I met Graham smith the inventor. He has a solution to the water problem in Israel. Which I understand the government there are working with him on. I also noticed his website He told me that just a few of his inventions were featured there.

    This guy is amazing…I think giving the backing of a government. This guy would solve all and I mean all our problems of Hunger, famine….Etc… He already has that answered with the

    This system feeds people anywhere in the world. no need for the UN Hand outs….This guy is amazing !!!!!

    • Jane Peters

      OMG…Thanks to Green Prophet. People like this Inventor get exposure. Trouble is too many people do not want people to succeed.

      Pete and me believe that people like Graham Smith the inventor. Should be funded properly. I think maybe he isnt…But I dont know. British inventors helping the middle east…And all over the world. Brilliant I say.!!!

  5. Francisco atalantis

    I know Graham has over 20 invented products. I have patented them for him.

    Why anyone wants to say bad things about him…Why?

    I know him for 20 years.


  6. Max Power

    We went to India on Holiday.
    We used the water filled toothbrushes.
    As in…You fill the toothbrush with safe bottled water.

    The toothbrushes which we used saved our health and saved our holiday. All the others in our group became ill from using the tap water to brush teeth.

    We found out later that Graham Smith was the inventor of this toothbrush. I dont know if it is the same Graham Smith as is here but if it is…THANK YOU….And the bad things wrote about you…Dont listen to them. You are remarkable.

    Thanks from me and Heather.

  7. Peter Jarvis

    Jane has just brought this to my attention.

    We had a calfri system fitted 3 years ago. They came round last week and fitted a solar hot water system

    We get hot radiators in the winter and ice cold radiators in the summer. The running costs are amazing.

    Any claims by people saying that Calfri are rip-offs is unfounded or lies.

    Thing is you can write all the lies you want on here and people read it.

    The truth from us is. Graham got it fitted it all works and we have recommended 12 others who have all recommended others…

    As for his solar vending machines. We used that in Javea at the golf course. It was brilliant…!!!

    Graham… if you read this lies about you it is just jealous people… You are a remarkable inventor. Dont let the bastxxxs get you down.

    Oh and thank you for what you did for us….You changed our-lives…Really.

  8. Jane Noycey

    Whats so funny is. Any British inventor who is really good at what they do is hounded and lied about.

    Any British inventor, sports person, Athlete who fails is a hero.

    I’m sure the people here complaining about Graham are not whiter than white. And infact are probably instigators against Graham himself.

    Infarct, Paul Rideout has quit a few debts on the Costa Del sol and many other parts of Europe…Which I know for a fact.

    • Paul Rideout

      Lol…Going by the name Jane Noycey now Graham? Another one of your aliases?
      Undoubtebly most of the comments on here that are positive about you are made up names and posted by you…thats what you always do! If they were real people they would be only to aware of your fraudulent activity in Spain!

  9. Jane Harris

    I can only endorse whole heartedly Paul Rideout’s comments about this so-called ‘inventor’ Graham Smith.
    His cold water vending machine may work but that doesn’t take away the fact this this man is a con-man and a rogue. I have first-hand knowledge of the financial ruination caused by this man to at least three people, all of whom bought, in good faith, agencies from him involving his ‘Calfri’ invention which turned out to be an utter fake.
    Like all con-men he has no conscious and although the Guardia Civil have been investigating him I suspect he will still continue to defraud people out of their hard-earned savings one way or another.

  10. Paul Rideout

    Most of the people on here with positive comments will undoubtedly be Graham Smith himself. He is well known for going on to sites like this and posting in different alias’s. Graham Smith is a con man make no mistake!

    • Peter Saunders

      Why do you want to lie about this person. He has never been tried in any court and not written about in papers except reports about his BRILLIANT inventions. If he was what you say the papers would print it. But on here you can write anything you want.!!! But the papers have to print the truth. Feeling guilty Mr Rideout?

      I suggest it is you who is jealous or wants to some reason see this guy bad pressed. WHY?

  11. Paul Rideout

    Graham Smith from Javea is a complete con man. He defrauded 6 people out of thousands of pounds in 2009. He sold them an agency for a heating and cooling system called Calfri which was a complete fake. One of the agents lost his home because of this. Graham Smith has been denounced several times and was arrested by the Gaurdia in 2010. Court proceedings are ongoing. I you google search Graham Smith calfi or Graham Smith inventor you will find plenty of debate about this thief. I personally spoke to a man who was a partner of his in another company and he confirmed Graham Smith is a liar and a fantasist. The fact that he is on here advertising his services is disgusting since so many people have suffered because of him

  12. Mark Anthony Jones

    I have seen this vending machine working. In fact. I sat there many years ago and watched many people buy drinks from it. So I did so myself.

    It was Ice cold. A bit too cold for my liking but after ten minutes in the Javea heat…I needed it.

    I am in the world of IP and other inventions. It sadden me to read posts about this truly great inventor on group chats. All entirely made up. You can see by the dates they joined and. No contact address, Phone etc…


    If I was Graham Smith Inventor I would be extremely hurt. However I bet he has toughened up over the years and it becomes water of the proverbial ducks back..

    Well done Graham. And I have watched all your other inventions in amazement..!!!



  13. John West

    I have seen them working in Javea Spain. Well they are brilliant..!!! I think they should be everywhere. Vending all sorts of products.

    The inventor I was told by the local council was a local guy. Graham Smith from the UK. He has been there resident in Javea for 15 years.

    I also went to Cyprus. The local bus company want them at most bus stops. I was fortunate to speak with the Bus company owner.

  14. Peter

    Graham Smith Inventor. Javea. He invented this. And Many Many more. So many people also say so many lies about him on the internet. They are all face less and contact less…



  15. Jason

    I agree with the previous post….Why is this not like the ECO Cars etc out there?

    Are the people who run this stupid?

    Surely they are businessmen..Or are they?

    This should be at every supermarket, Beach, Board Walk etc….Come On!!!

  16. Amazed...

    Amazed….That is what I feel. How can this not be in every City, Town or Village?.

    What are the owners doing?. I only suppose and presume they are talking with Big players to roll them out.!!!

    This must have World Wide Interest. People would want to be agents in also sorts of countries.!!!

    I just cant see why they are not global. My family and I are going to Spain on Holiday and I will go to this place Java and see it for myself.

    Does anyone know how to get to the owners?. Or where in Java the machine(s) are?.

  17. Ahmed Khan

    I did not think this was ever possible. Now I can believe it…My friends had told me they see this in Javea Spain. This was many years past. Now it would seem this is commercially available.

    Hope to be one of the first in Cyprus and possible in other ME Countries. This really is needed and the company who make them. I take my “HAT OFF OR SOLAR PANEL TO YOU…WELL DONE.”

    I hope before time all countries have them. I have seen the solar panel on the Coke Machines. But that is only for the lighting system.

    This machine is totally solar powered. My friend in Spain had a chance to see inside when it was being filled with water bottles. It has a battery for storing the daylight which runs the whole machine. Truly an amazing invention.

  18. Rachel Edwards

    Excellent idea! Always interesting to read/hear about products that work with the envirnonment and the consumer. Having visited Cyprus fairly recently I don’t recall seeing anything like this. Beats queuing in a cafe or shop!

  19. Tony

    We have also seen this machine working. It was indeed, Javea Costa Blanca. Jane is Correct.

    It was in the newspapers and on Television. I am so glad that Cyprus will have the machines in large numbers. and hopefully then in all the middle-East.

    This just proves. You dont need grid connection, and you dont need mains oil…!!!! Just to have a cold drink. Even in the middle of no where…Or even at your local Beach.

    I hope this becomes a rip-roaring success in Cyprus…!!!


  20. Jane

    I like Peter saw this in Javea Spain. It was at the beach called Arenal.? I think.

    I also got an icecold bottle of water and kept looking where is was pluged in!!! Until I saw the solar panel. Why arent they everywhere.?

  21. PETER

    I have seen this machine in Javea Spain. In fact I bought an Ice cold bottle of water….We always remember that day. I said to My wife…I was amazed that a cold bottle of water could be from saving the planet.

    Sadly. I am a live and my wife has passed away.. But please please…Keep making the machines..They save the environment…Sorry to be so sad but she loved to see that machine…First in Javea Costa Blanca.

    I found out that Graham Smith. Is the inventor from the UK…

  22. [email protected] Energy Bradenton

    I would say that whenever you combine sun, heat, and cold water together you have a winning combination. Now you have an entrepreneur that has also combined solar with this, and is going to supply an area that will be in high demand for cold bottled water. It is a really good idea and I hope that it works out for all involved. Hopefully the vending machines themselves will be able to hold up for several years exposed to the extreme heat and elements, that and potential theft would be my main concerns.


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