Martian Meteor Hits Morocco

mars rock tissintMars rock rarer than gold and called Tissint falls in Morocco.

This might explain mystical Moroccan men: maybe they really are from Mars? Or at least influenced by the Martian planet? Scientists have just confirmed that a meteor shower that brought a 15 pound rock hurtling into Morocco really did come from Mars. This is the fifth time that science has confirmed Martian rocks on earth, and the latest weren’t discovered until a month or so ago.

The rocks could reveal whether or not Mars could sustain life. These are among the only samples of the Red Planet we have on earth as no astronauts have ever made it to Mars.

Rarer than gold, the rocks are worth big bucks since there are only 240 pounds of them known to science. According to ABC News the last time a Martian rock fell and was found fresh on the Blue Planet was in 1962. But it is plausible that many more have fallen and we just don’t know about them. Since two thirds of the earth are water, most likely fell into the ocean.

Image via the Worcester Telegram and Gazette

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2 thoughts on “Martian Meteor Hits Morocco”

  1. Jim says:

    We also located a very simular looking rock which left a 5+5+3 creator on or ranch in Montana. We discoved the creator the morning of July 5th..We took pictures of the creator and called the summer campus of Indiana University which is located in Cardwell Mt. They responded and confirmed the creator and cause of the hugh hole left behind by impact..We located the dark grey/black rock within the creator. Its simular in color as the picture, however it is heavy to the touch compard to other rocks the same size….We still have the rock, not sure if its martian. Ours seems a bit darker in color. Almost like lava (Black/Grey)…..

    1. Well if it is Martian then you’ll be very rich.

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