Paper Carton Furniture Is No Pulp Fiction

"recycled paper furniture"Paper pulp furniture is stronger than it looks.

Bamboo has been praised for several years as the most sustainable material for furniture (due to its quickly renewable nature), with cardboard coming a close second due to its recycled and recyclable form.  At first thought cardboard may not sound very strong, but when you think about the fact that it is used to package heavy items such as couches and refrigerators it begins to get a little more credit.  And it is a short leap from cardboard to recycled paper pulp, so Israeli designers Odelia Lavie and Dan Hochberg took it.

They designed a set of ‘Pulp Furniture’ that includes a coffee table, stools, and a clock (or wall hanging).

"paper pulp table"Made in 2008, Odelia and Dan (whose work was recently exhibited at Jerusalem Design Week) explain that “the inspiration [for ‘Pulp Furniture’] comes from pulp spacers used in packaging.”

If the set looks flimsy, have no fear.  “Even though the set is made out of paper,” the duo write, “these furniture [pieces] are strong enough to use.”

"pulp paper furniture"The structural shapes of the pieces contribute to their strength, as well as make a playful reference to industrial packaging.

As with cardboard furniture, ‘Pulp Furniture’ is both recycled and easily recyclable.  It can even be upcycled into packaging!

:: Odelia & Dan

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