All New Mosques In Qatar Will Be Eco-Mosques

green ecological mosque qatar imageQatar is currently in the process of issuing new guidelines which mean that all new mosques built in the country will be more environmentally friendly

From its humble beginnings during the time of the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) to modern incarnations, such as those futuristic designs envisaged for the green mosque of Cambridge, the Eco-Mosque has come a long way. Now, the Qatari government is assessing its building policies so that every new mosque built in the country will be based on environmentally friendly models which help save water and energy.

According to Gulf News, a special committee has been formed to assess the design of all mosques in the country and they are currently deliberating on the most appropriate environmentally friendly model to use as a standard. Abdullah Al Dosari, the general manager of Aqaf Public Department said that the panel are focusing on the need to encourage environmentally friendly measure that reduce the consumption of water and power in mosques across Qatar. The panel is believed to be reviewing 18 model designs from which an eco-friendly design will be chosen.

Across the world the Eco-Mosque has come in various guises; from the solar-powered mosque of Turkey, Germany’s wind-powered mosque to the United Arab Emirates project to reduce water and electricity consumption in 300 mosques in Dubai.

As a centre of public worship at the heart of many Muslim communities, the benefits of promoting green and environmentally-friendly values at mosques can be huge. It not only sets green practices as the ideal way of life, it also shows that steps to protect the environment are doable and easy to carry out.

Following recent findings that carbon emissions have been rising rapidly in the rich Gulf states, let’s hope that this green move is sign that Qatar recognises the importance of more green action.

:: Gulf News

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:Image via Ikhlasul Amal/Flickr.

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