Khitan – Circumcision Is Healthy For Muslim Sexuality

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Why would you slice off a body part? When a baby is born healthy there appears no medical reason to remove something that God created, something that is naturally there. Circumcision has been a hot topic in medical professionalism and faith because of the controversy coming from varying opinions.

Yet major world religions including Islam, encourage a snip of a sensitive nature to improve one’s quality of life. So how can having less mean having more?

What is circumcision?
Male circumcision is the surgical removal of the mucosal tissue from the tip of the penis commonly known as a foreskin (prepuce). The foreskin is an incubator-type lining that can be pulled back, uncovering the head of the penis (glans) that it protects.

A local anaesthetic – a cream or injection – is used to block pain. Typically, only the foreskin is amputated by a doctor and a clamping device or a few soluble stitches prevents excessive blood flow. Recovery can take a couple of weeks and the procedure itself shouldn’t last more than 20 minutes.

Circumcision in Islam
In Islam, male circumcision is widely practiced at infancy, following the religious tradition of Prophet Ibrahim who “was the first to be circumcised” in his old age.

Circumcision is carried out a hospital or clinic, and although not compulsory in Islam (fardh), it is a highly recommended prophetic act (sunnah) aimed at improving hygiene.

The Prophet Muhammad of Islam, peace be upon him, stated that good physical health is connected to the divine nature in humans (fitra). Taking measures such as circumcision, shaving pubic hair and trimming the moustache for a neat beard are rewarding acts that look good and clean.

Circumcision is not enforced in Islamic teaching and is not a condition for converting to Islam or carrying out religious duties. There is no fixed age for circumcision, varying from country to country and depending on community culture.

Muslims believe the benefit of removing the foreskin is twofold. An intact foreskin can potentially trap drops of urine and as Muslims perform a ritual ablution (wudhu) before the obligatory five daily prayers, it is essential no impurity if left on the body. It is a nod to the Islamic principle of sacrifice, as the American Muslim scholar Hamza Yusuf Hanson said,

“We are circumcised to be reminded throughout our lives that we have an oath with God. We will not become slaves to that lower part of ourselves. If there is a section of it that is cut off… (It is) To indicate there is a purification, an obedience to the higher self, not to the animal, bestial nature of the human being…”

Further, a circumcised penis is a preventative from infections and passing on diseases during intercourse. The foreskin is more susceptible and can be an entry portal for the HIV virus. A study in Baltimore found that heterosexual men were less likely to become infected with HIV from infected partners if they were circumcised.

Health benefits to getting a snip
Organisations such as the Joint United Nations Programme for HIV have highlighted many examples that prove circumcision prevents the risk of sexually-transmitted diseases like AIDS.

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), male circumcision reduces the risk of acquiring HIV in heterosexually active males by 66%.

Human papillomavirus (HPV)
Circumcised men are 35% percent less likely to contract HPV, a sexually transmitted virus responsible for cancers such cervical and penile cancer. A study on the transmission of HIV published this year in the Lancet showed that women whose partners are circumcised are 28% less likely to become infected with HPV.

Sex life
Can circumcision affect your sexual life? Although there is little conclusive evidence, it does provide important health advantages and has the potential to increase physical pleasure. From a British study of 150 men who circumcised as adults, 38% reported an improved penile sensation with an overall 62% satisfaction in their intimate lives.

For Africa
A decade’s worth of research in the 1990′s by a senior research scientist at Harvard’s school of medical health, found that circumcision played a role in regions in Africa where HIV rates were relatively low.

That is supported by a recent case that found Zulu tribes in Africa are increasingly returning to male circumcision to reduce the spread of AIDS.

Importance to the procedure has been heightened by authoritative research. Experts summoned by the WHO and UNAIDS announced that circumcision should “be part of a comprehensive HIV prevention package.” This proposal was because results from three medical trials of over 10,000 men in Kenya, Uganda, and South Africa, proved that circumcision could significantly reduce the risk of HIV infection. This could potentially save three million lives over the next two decades in Africa alone.

Circumcision in women
You’d be surprised to learn that female circumcision exists in Islam. Female genital mutilation, does not. Yes, there is a difference.

Khitan, in Arabic ختان‎, is the word for male and female circumcision. Neither is obligatory in Islam and the ultimate purpose is personal purification.

There are Muslims who believe female circumcision is required and others who say it is not allowed. In the Islamic texts of law, there is not enough evidence supporting either position. The Quran, however, does not condemn female circumcision as long as it does not compromise women’s health.

Circumcision in women involves removing only a tiny part of the hood (‘de-hooding’ or ‘unhooding’) that covers the clitoris – a fleshy protrusion that is the female sexual organ. This is known as Type 1 circumcision according to WHO and is very similar to male circumision. It is typically performed on girls a few days old, although, like male circumcision, there is no timeframe or age limit.

This is the only form of legitimate circumcision allowed in Islamic law and its goal is to enhance sexuality during intercourse, as well as improve hygiene. Countries like Malaysia that banned circumcision have taken steps to medicalise and legally stipulate (Indonesian paper) what needs to be removed, namely, the prepuce of the clitoris.

All other procedures, where the labia and clitoris may be removed, are completely forbidden (haram) in Islam for carrying immense bodily harm.

Female genital mutilation (FGM) is regrettably more documented and a widespread brutal act amongst African and Asian regions. An unhealthy attitude towards the expression of female sexuality has lead to partial or complete removal of the female sex organs, rendering women with a lower libido, painful sexual experiences and deep psychological trauma.

Islam’s teaching has always protected a woman’s right to sexual enjoyment and health. If female circumcision violates those rights, the practice would be automatically rendered forbidden.

Egyptian Muslim scholar Dr. al-Qaradawi stands by this principle noting that female circumcision leads to a number of physical and psychological problems that make it unecessary.

As the practice is not common, the majority of Muslim women in the West and Europe, are not circumcised.

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33 thoughts on “Khitan – Circumcision Is Healthy For Muslim Sexuality

  1. alia

    I believe in god not on the scriptures… though influenced more by hinduism whr theres no comment on sexual life of anyone… no rules… free from hardfast facts… i believe in god.. god is everywhere dont understand y theres a rule book to connectwith god.. i talk to god in my own language.. i sing him songs that touches my heart…he has never personally come to me and asked me to follow this book noone has ever forced me… he never came in my dreams to say do this do that or else i wont shower my blessings on you… people circumsise on their own wish i believe… god has mothing to do wid sex… now for the sake of purity people wud remove their sensitive skin… whatsoever someday if they skip their bath arent they impure.. i dont fear god… its all stupid…

  2. Naaraan

    Anyone who advocates for mutilating and torturing human beings via the amputation of part of their genitals should be arrested and imprisoned – and anyone caught performing it should be arrested and executed for crime against humanity.

  3. greenspirit

    Ahmed – have you seriously got zero knowledge of the female anatomy? How the hell do you suggest removal of the clitoral hood will prevent urinary tract infections when the clitoral hoid is plainly nowhere near the urethra?
    Secondly would you like to enlighten me as to the foul smelling cheese like substance of which you speak? I assure you as an intact woman I never have this problem. Furthermore if I did get this problem I would know that my husband had been “playing away” and passed onto me some kind of infection as this symptom of which you speak is in no way normal.
    Thirdly, you really need to research HPV as it is thought to sometimes be a precursor to cervical cancer. This is notthe same as saying “the transmission of hpv causes cervical cancer” which is a downright lie. Hpv is a virus present normally on most people and in some circumstances it can be a precursor to cervical cancer, particularly in very young women.
    Gt your facts straight.
    fourthly I have been practising oral sex for the past 22 years or so and during that time I have never ever heard of anyone contracting oral cancer from this practice. Oral cancer seems predominantly to come from smoking, funnily enough…..
    How about instead of your goofy “facts” you go to British or American institute of cancer or centre for cancer research. I’m sure they can educate you better.
    Fifthly, what is this phenomena which you label “female orgasmic dysfunction” I have slept with 20 people in my lifetime and the only time I have ever been orgasm hasbeen when being roughly pummeled by the action of a circumcised man who cannot even imagine the delicacy with which our normal healthy non tampered with body works…. If a woman is achieve an orgasm it’s far more likely to be because of rubbish technique by her partner than because of a problem with the woman’s body – which was created perfectly by Allah…
    Therefore the dysfunction is with her partner not with her….
    Maybe Malaysian women , like a lot of Moroccan women, and indeed myself by my moroccan mither in law, are told to always tell their husband that the sex is good even when it is rubbish in order to keep the husband happy and therefore (apparently) ensure a happy marriage? This is commonly known information amongst woken in the entire community from which my in laws hail, only amongst the women of course, who do not talk openly with the men, even their husbands and are told never to discuss sex or speak whilst having intercourse and instead intimate with noise when they are supposed to be happy ????
    I don’t take this advice incidentally, as I wish to have a congruent and honest relationship with my husband. Just saying though.
    Women who have their clitorises removed also report a good sex life. They obviously have no idea what good sex is supposed to feel like.
    A circumcised man has told me recently that sex to him feels as pleasurable as the feeling when you have wanted to do a poo for a ling time and then get relief.
    This is nowhere near the sexual ecstasy which I know to happen in an intact encounter, even with a stranger. Nothing more than an insult to the act.
    I think on this topic people often beat around the bush or talk theoretically without knowing properly what they are actually talking about. I understand as a circumcised man you may want to believe what happened to you was positive. Sadly , the loss of langerhans cells, found nowhere else on the body, and 6000 nerves, is not positive for anybody. Circumcised men who I personally know say yo me that sexual ecstasy is something that only happens in movies. I know that the thing that only happens in movies is the makeup staying intact and the hair being done still in the morning. Ecstasy is normal in sex, even with partner who you don’t know.

  4. Ahmed

    Your website I feel has not given adequate attention to the importance of female circumcision in Islam. Here’s an excellent article showing that it is not the kind of mutilation it is commonly believed to be and that it is the same as hoodectomy which western women are increasingly choosing to undergo for better genital hygiene and an enhanced sex life :

    There exist many ahadith or sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) to show the important place, circumcision, whether of males or females, occupies in Islam.

    Among these traditions is the one where the Prophet is reported to have declared circumcision (khitan) to be sunnat for men and ennobling for women (Baihaqi).

    He is also known to have declared that the bath (following sexual intercourse without which no prayer is valid) becomes obligatory when both the circumcised parts meet (Tirmidhi). The fact that the Prophet defined sexual intercourse as the meeting of the male and female circumcised parts (khitanul khitan or khitanain) when stressing on the need for the obligatory post-coital bath could be taken as pre-supposing or indicative of the obligatory nature of circumcision in the case of both males and females.

    Stronger still is his statement classing circumcision (khitan) as one of the acts characteristic of the fitra or God-given nature (Or in other words, Divinely-inspired natural inclinations of humans) such as the shaving of pubic hair, removing the hair of the armpits and the paring of nails (Bukhari) which again shows its strongly emphasized if not obligatory character in the case of both males and females. Muslim scholars are of the view that acts constituting fitra which the Prophet expected Muslims to follow are to be included in the category of wajib or obligatory.

    That the early Muslims regarded female circumcision as obligatory even for those Muslims who embraced Islam later in life is suggested by a tradition occurring in the Adab al Mufrad of Bukhari where Umm Al Muhajir is reported to have said: “I was captured with some girls from Byzantium. (Caliph) Uthman offered us Islam, but only myself and one other girl accepted Islam. Uthman said: ‘Go and circumcise them and purify them.’”

    More recently, we had Sheikh Jadul Haqq, the distinguished head of Al Azhar declaring both male and female circumcision to be obligatory religious duties (Khitan Al Banat in Fatawa Al-Islamiyyah. 1983). The fatwa by his successor Tantawi who opposed the practice cannot be taken seriously as we all know that he has pronounced a number of unislamic fatwas such as declaring bank interest halal and questioning the obligation of women wearing headscarves.

    At the same time, however, what is required in Islam, is the removal of only the prepuce of the clitoris, and not the clitoris itself as is widely believed. The Prophet is reported to have told Umm Atiyyah, a lady who circumcised girls in Medina: “When you circumcise, cut plainly and do not cut severely, for it is beauty for the face and desirable for the husband” (idha khafadti fa ashimmi wa la tanhaki fa innahu ashraq li’l wajh wa ahza ind al zawj) (Abu Dawud, Al Awsat of Tabarani and Tarikh Baghdad of Al Baghdadi).

    This hadith clearly explains the procedure to be followed in the circumcision of girls. The words: “Cut plainly and do not cut severely” (ashimmi wa la tanhaki) is to be understood in the sense of removing the skin covering the clitoris, and not the clitoris. The expression “It is beauty (more properly brightness or radiance) for the face” (ashraq li’l wajh) is further proof of this as it simply means the joyous countenance of a woman, arising out of her being sexually satisfied by her husband. The idea here is that it is only with the removal of the clitoral prepuce that real sexual satisfaction could be realized. The procedure enhances sexual feeling in women during the sex act since a circumcised clitoris is much more likely to be stimulated as a result of direct oral, penile or tactile contact than the uncircumcised organ whose prepuce serves as an obstacle to direct stimulation.

    A number of religious works by the classical scholars such as Fath Al Bari by Ibn Hajar Asqalani and Sharhul Muhadhdhab of Imam Nawawi have stressed on the necessity of removing only the prepuce of the clitoris and not any part of the organ itself. It is recorded in the Majmu Al Fatawa that when Ibn Taymiyyah was asked whether the woman is circumcised, he replied: “Yes we circumcise. Her circumcision is to cut the uppermost skin (jilda) like the cock’s comb.” More recently Sheikh Jadul Haqq declared that the circumcision of females consists of the removal of the clitoral prepuce (Khitan Al Banat in Fatawa Al Islamiyya. 1983).

    Besides being a religious duty, the procedure is believed to facilitate good hygiene since the removal of the prepuce of the clitoris serves to prevent the accumulation of smegma, a foul-smelling, germ-containing cheese- like substance that collects underneath the prepuces of uncircumcised women (Al Hidaayah. August 1997).

    A recent study by Sitt Al Banat Khalid ‘Khitan Al-Banat Ru’yah Sihhiyyah’ (2003) has shown that female circumcision, like male circumcision, offers considerable health benefits, such as prevention of urinary tract infections and other diseases such as cystitis affecting the female reproductive organs.

    The latest is the study Orgasmic Dysfunction Among Women at a Primary Care Setting in Malaysia. Hatta Sidi, and Marhani Midin, and Sharifah Ezat Wan Puteh, and Norni Abdullah, (2008) Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health, 20 (4) accessible which shows that being Non-Malay is a higher risk factor for Orgasmic Sexual Dysfunction in women, implying that Malay women experience less problems in achieving orgasm than non-Malay women. As you know almost all Malay women in Malaysia are circumcised (undergo hoodectomy) in contrast to non-Malay women who are not. This would suggest that hoodectomy does in fact contribute to an improved sex life in women rather than diminishing it as some argue.

    For more benefits of Islamic female circumcision also known as hoodectomy see

    Another interesting observation:

    Oral sex linked to cancer risk

    US scientists said Sunday there is strong evidence linking oral sex to cancer, and urged more study of how human papilloma viruses may be to blame for a rise in oral cancer among white men. In the United States, oral cancer due to HPV infection is now more common than oral cancer from tobacco use, which remains the leading cause of such cancers in the rest of the world. The team led by Maura Gillison reported in the May 10 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine that oral HPV infection is the strongest risk factor for oral cancer. The team found that oral sex, including both cunnilingus and fellatio, is the main mode of transit for oral HPV infection. See

    Cunnilingus refers to the oral stimulation of a woman’s sexual organs with particular focus on the clitoris. The Researchers have found a 225-percent increase in oral cancer cases in the United States from 1974 to 2007, mainly among white men, said Maura Gillison of Ohio State University. “The rise in oral cancer in the US is predominantly among young white males and we do not know the answer as to why.”
    It is obvious that the only way men can acquire the HPV virus is through the oral stimulation of one’s partner’s clitoris which allows the virus to enter the mouth.

    The virus no doubt is harboured in the prepuce of the clitoris just as it has been found that HPV also resides in the foreskins of males, through the transmission of which cervical cancer occurs in females. Thus a hoodectomy might provide a solution by removing the area in which the virus thrives in, thus safeguarding their male partners from the risk of oral cancer

  5. BosnianandHerzegovinian

    Circumcision is just wrong. Allah created us in a best way, why changing anything?! It has it’s purpose and physiological role, so circumcicison is kind of truncation/mutilation.

  6. zahra

    I don’t have time to debate sadly – but personally I don’t believe in female circumcision as I don’t see the purpose however if I had a son I would circumcise him.

    It helps aid in keeping those parts clean the foreskin helps protect the baby’s delicate parts well in the womb and during the delivery from passing of hormones and other elements.

    Removing it as its not really needed afterward aids in cleanliness which is important for muslim’s who praying 5 times a day.

    People think we should let our children choose when they are older but in sense I don’t see the logic, we choose their names, their schools, if we will pierce their ears, we define their teaching and up bringing which is our right as parents, we guide the path for our children doing what we believe to be right. They will not remember being circumcised as infants, and just as I don’t feed my daughter processed or sugary foods, she has no Idea what shes missing there for she doesn’t miss it, shes happy and healthy and that’s all that really matters.

    The beauty of being a parent is having this choice, also many men do need to be circumcised later in life, although we have a practice of doing it on both mine and my husbands side of the family, one of our nephews wasn’t as were his parents choice, he developed an infection at 5 years of age that required it to be removed – so sometimes even in the best of circumstances this is deemed necessary.

    One person had commented above about allowing their son to play with him self and the foreskin aided in that, as muslims we are taught self control, sexuality is permitted and considered a right of our but to be explored in the confines of a marriage not through childhood or individual means.

    but to each his own.

  7. Zaufishan Post author

    In response to the comments so far: Consider this.

    For a believer of God, when a command is sent forward, it is always for the well-being of humanity. Prayer, alleviating poverty, fasting – is sent with the purpose to 1. improve humanity’s “humanness”, their quality of life, and 2. to encourage self-sacrifice. Circumcision also falls under this category.

    “Suffering” in the loose sense is a spiritual element in Islam that creates a path for self-improvement – to become stronger after loss. But circumcision is not a suffering for Muslims. And, as it not an obligatory act like prayer and fasting, if circumcision harms a person’s health – it’s not carried out.

    World-wide stats prove that circumcision has more health benefits than risks; and it is usually only performed in consenting adult males against infectious diseases. Circumcision can improve sex life, but as studies shows, it’s not an overwhelming majority who claim an improvement. That is not the only reason circumcision exists.

    It is a preventative, it is a hygienic sacrifice and for Muslims, it is an option.

    Most of the feedback regarding religious groups who “force” circumcision is after reading about those Asian and African communities who do indeed, regrettably, and completely un-Islamically, mutilate young girls. We should all raise awareness of this to bring it to an end.

    Finally – a word of advice. When God in the Qur’an says He created a perfect Universe, He is talking about its “imperfectly perfect” creation. Time makes things age, nature cracks and leaks, the ozone has a man-made hole. In a truly “perfect” universe, God would not allow these imperfections to occur. Regarding the human body, we remove other “extras”, like a haircut or trimming the nails, to improve our image and maintain a high standard of cleanliness. For Muslims, personal hygiene is the utmost importance, without which prayer would be invalid.

    Again, circumcision falls under the category of personal hygiene, but is not an obligation. The devil has nothing to do with it.

  8. Jack

    A whole range of sensation and sexual and protective function are lost. The lips and fingertips have similar touch sense. This practice destroys a large part of the male sensory system. To force this on a young boy is heinous.

  9. Fred Rhodes

    Circumcision started as a symptom of the insanity caused from men,like Ibraham and Mohamad, getting UTI’s and STD’s, probably from bestiality (heterosexual reproductive sex with animals), and developing delirium from the untreated infections, causing audio and visual halucinations and madness, the voices in their heads telling them to cut off their prepuce because of the smelly infectious discharges. Religions evolveved form their delusional words to justify their insane excuses because they had no idea of the existance of microbes as the cause of their infected urinary tracts and smelly discharges. Cutting the prepuce off only hid one of the simptoms, but does not prevent the cause, being bestiality. Now humans have had heterosexual unprotected reproductive sex with Chimpansees and spread HIV and the pro-circumcysts are trying to prove circumcision prevents infections from animals and prostitutes, so the men can still have heterosexual unprotected reproductive sex with animals and prostitutes with a 60% infection reduction rate. Isn’t that special?!

  10. You're Wrong

    More and more Jews are rejecting circumcision. Is there a similar movement in Islam?

    Jewish Voices: The Current Judaic Movement to End Circumcision: Part 1

    Jewish Voices: The Current Judaic Movement to End Circumcision: Part 2

    Jewish Voices: The Current Judaic Movement to End Circumcision: Part 3

  11. Hugh7

    Circumcision (male and female) is deeply paradoxical. The only major religions that practise circumcision are Islamd and Judaism. (The Apostle Paul says [Gal 5:2] “…if you become circumcised, Christ is of no value to you.”) Female genital cutting is not mentioned in the Bible or the Qu;ran. Male genital cutting is encouraged only in the Hebrew Bible (the “Old Testament”) and not in the earliest version – the Book of J – of that. It contradicts the Jewish injunctions to loving kindess, and against marking the body. When done to children in contradicts the claim that “there is no compulsion in Islam”. People who believe that circumcision perfects God’s creation must believe that God created it imperfect.

    The health claims are bogus – slight (or negnligible) reductions of rare conditions of late onset that may be better prevented or treated by other means. They were concocted after the event to justify circumcisions that were already being done for the reason Robert gives.

    Circumcision is wrong when it is done to an unwilling or incapable person (such as a child or baby), just as cutting any other normal, healthy, functional irreplacable part of their body off is wrong.

  12. Circumcision is banned in True Islam

    As far as female genital mutilation is concerned in Islam, it is permissible and not obligatory. Even male circumcision is not compulsory but a Sunnah. If there is any harm in female circumcision then it can even be banned in the sense that it has been proven by scientific and medical Islamic scholars that the way it is done is harmful to the health of the girl child.

    Imam Baba Leigh On Child Rights in Islam
    The Independent (Banjul, Gambia) INTERVIEW
    August 3, 2001

  13. True Islam is opposed to Circumcision.

    In conclusion, Quranic evidence as well as medical sciences prove that circumcision of males is a practice against Allah’s religion, rather Satan is the influence. It poses life-long disadvantages for the male as well as unnecessary operative trauma. Ask yourself before you go ahead, what right do you have to alter what Allah Himself has created perfectly? Baby boys and children are perfect the way Allah has created them.

    “He is the One Who has made perfectly everything He has created: He began the creation of human beings with clay.” (Qur’an 32:7)

    “The work of Allah who has perfected everything.” (Qur’an 27:88)

  14. Warrior of Love

    Karin, the Jewish, Muslim and even some Christian people only believe this because that’s what those “People Deceivers” that pretend to be holy men, were preaching to them for thousands of years. Their masks are now being torn down by awakening and enlightened people from all over the world. All those that preach and commit this crime are evil snakes in disguise that tell lies about God so they can suck money out of people’s pockets and enslave them with this painful and evil crime they commit on their children. The sword of eternal justice shall come down on them.

  15. Karin Kloosterman

    An interesting conversation going on here except for the devil comment, but the faith question is ignored. Jews for instance believe that a man is perfect when the foreskin is removed. Like not eating milk and meat together, or killing another, this is a commandment believed to be transmitted by God.

  16. Warrior of Love

    The foreskin has multiple protecting functions:
    1) In little boys it is usually tight so it can act like a one way valve that protects the urinary tract. Dirt usually can not get in and should some get in anyway, then it will be flushed out by the DISINFECTING URIN next time the boy pees. The so called Langerhans cells, present in the skin and especially present in higher quantities in all mucous skins, produce an enzyme that destroys bacteria and viruses. In little boys the foreskin is also attached to the glans (head of the penis) like a fingernail to the finger and therefore should not be forcefully retracted at all. Any attempt to retract usually causes infections that can lead to urinary tract infections. Doctors and nurses should know about this and parents should be informed about it.
    2) The foreskin keeps the glans moist and sensitive just like eyes lids protect the eyes from drying out.
    3) The foreskin has more than 20,000 highly erogenous nerve endings that send a whole symphony of pleasure signals to the brain that will help to achieve orgasm in its most natural and gentle way.
    4) The foreskin acts like a seal that keeps the natural lubricants where they belong during intercourse and therefore prevents dry sex.
    5) HIV gets transmitted through the blood stream. Circumcised men usually have to pump real hard to reach orgasm and since circumcision causes the glans to get dry and keratinized it can cause abrasions in the vagina’s mucous skin and therefore there is a greater risk of transmitting HIV or other STDs to a partner.
    The circumcisers usually tell you the opposite of the truth or lies to keep their crime justified and to protect them from being held responsible for all the damage they have done so far. The WHO, UNAIDS and other Circ Profiteering Organizations use those incomplete and short term studies THEY conducted in Africa to further blind people by telling them it would partially prevent the transmission of HIV and in the same time they have to admit that it really does not prevent anything because you have to use condoms anyway to be save. They purposely keep ignoring the fact that circumcision did not prevent any STD or HIV in the last 40 years in North America where about 90% of all males were routinely circumcised in 1970. The US has a higher STD and HIV prevalence then any other comparable State in Europe or Asia where people are smart enough to keep their children intact and unharmed in body and soul. This fact proves that circumcision increases HIV and STD prevalence in the long run.
    Don’t trust the WHO or UNAIDS as these organizations are run by the main members of this evil Circumciser Cabal that makes millions of dollars every year from this cruel and barbaric sex crime. They all shall be brought to justice for deceiving people and for inflicting preventable injuries on defenseless children and blinded adults.

  17. Mark Lyndon

    A recent Danish study concluded that “Circumcision was associated with frequent orgasm difficulties in Danish men and with a range of frequent sexual difficulties in women, notably orgasm difficulties, dyspareunia and a sense of incomplete sexual needs fulfilment.”

    The Qur’an doesn’t mention circumcision. It does however say this:

    He created everything in exact measure; He precisely designed everything (25:2)

    He designed you, and designed you well. (40:64)

    He created the heavens and the earth for a specific purpose, designed you and perfected your design. (64:3)

    He created man in the best design. (95:4)

  18. amen ronald oberhollenzer

    Insanity shows by being insane by speaking insane by doing insane. … by inflicting preventable injury to a child.
    … by saying “Allah I love you” but serving the devil.


  19. Warrior of Love

    Having a circumcised penis is like having one magnet to play with. Granting your son to keep his foreskin is like granting him to play with two magnets that can interact with each other. A whole new range of possibilities, knowledge and sensations open up. Why wouldn’t you let your beloved son experience his pleasure parts the way he created himself with the help of Mother Nature and Mom’s and Dad’s DNA. He is a genius, he created himself perfectly.

    It is foolish to believe that some liar in a black or white coat could improve nature with a primitive knife and besides that, it is cruel barbaric and criminal to inflict preventable injuries on another person’s body.

    Parents don’t own their children’s body and can not give consent for someone else. The greedy Circumciser Mafia just likes to deceive parents by telling them it would be their choice; in reality they just want them to sign a waver so they can wash their bloody hands in innocence in case something goes wrong. They purposely won’t inform parents about the risks of circumcision. They don’t tell them that more than 100 baby boys die each year at the hands of circumcisers in North America alone, many have to live with life long complication, disfigurement and sexual dysfunction and some of the poorest souls even lost all their genitals?

    Why would you allow or even pay those charlatans to torture and rape your child with a knife? They preach this crime for profit and to enslave people. Don’t let yourself getting deceived by this evil Circer Cabal. People from all over the world are finally waking up to bring the perpetrators to justice and with it an end to this ancient barbaric and stupid crime.

  20. Ronald Goldman, Ph.D.

    Here is what they do not tell you. Circumcision causes significant pain and trauma, behavioral and neurological changes in infants, potential parental stress from persistent crying (colic) of infants, disrupted bonding between parent and child, and risk of surgical complications. Other consequences of circumcision include loss of a natural, healthy, functioning body part, reduced sexual pleasure, potential psychological problems, and unknown negative effects that have not been studied.

    Some circumcised men resent that they are circumcised. Sexual anxieties, reduced emotional expression, low self-esteem, avoidance of intimacy, and depression are also reported. Some doctors refuse to perform circumcisions because of ethical reasons.

    Relying on the presumed authorities (e.g., American Academy of Pediatrics or doctors who echo AAP views) is not sufficient (see

    For more information see

  21. Wing

    There are all sorts of reasons not to circumcise… but if a person who has reached the age of majority wants to, why stop them? People need to be allowed to do more dumb things as so many nanny states seem hell bent on protecting us… except for, curiously, on this topic.

    I find it incredibly hypocritical to say it may not be done on girls, but with boys, it is up to the parents… this makes no sense! For once in their lives, baby girls enjoy more protection than baby boys! There are many adult Muslim, jewish, Christian and athiest men who were circumcised as babies and are very angry they had that choice made for them. Hundreds of babies die each year due to this practice, and others are mutilated…

    If you read the Holy Qur’an, 4:19-20, 6:112-116, 14:22, 23:14, 27:88, 30:30, 32:7, 40:64, 45:6, 67:3 & 95:4 you will see that Allah proclaims his creation to be perfect, and it is the Shaytan who says he will trick man into changing Allah’s creation.

    As for all the health claims, are you going to circumcise your boy on the assumption that he will be promiscuous? (And besides, those studies have long been proven to be bogus!)

    Get to know your faith from the Qur’an, and not from the things which were adopted from the jews and passed down through generations… at least don’t do it to your children so they won’t resent you for allowing irreversable and unnecessary surgery performed on them. Their body, their choice!!!

  22. Wing

    thereare all sorts of reasons not to circumcise… but if a person who has reached the age of majority wants to, why stop them? People need to be allowed to do more dumb things as so many nanny states seem hell bent on protecting us… except for, curiously, on this topic. I find it incredibly hypocritical to say it may not be done on girls, but with boys, it is up to the parents… this makes no sense! For once in their lives, baby girls enjoy more protection than baby boys! There are many adult Muslim, jewish, Christian and athiest men who were circumcised as babies and are very angry they had that choice made for them. Hundreds of babies die each year due to this practice, and others are mutilated… If you read the Holy Qur’an, 4:19-20, 6:112-116, 14:22, 23:14, 27:88, 30:30, 32:7, 40:64, 45:6, 67:3 & 95:4 you will see that Allah proclaims his creation to be perfect, and it is the Shaytan who says he will trick man into changing Allah’s creation.

    As for all the health claims, are you going to circumcise your boy on the assumption that he will be promiscuous? Get to know your faith from the Qur’an, and not from the things which were adopted from the jews and passed down through generations… at least don’t do it to your children so they won’t resent you for allowing irreversable and unnecessary surgery performed on them. Their body, their choice!!!

  23. Tom Tobin

    Would it be correct to remove the head too, to limit animal pleasure?
    If not, why is it acceptable to remove the foreskin, to do the same thing?
    A daily washing can remove the drop of urine.
    10% of Saudi Arabian men have their foreskins, and praise Allah with no problems.

  24. Robert

    Dr. John Harvey Kellogg recommended circumcision of boys caught masturbating, writing: “A remedy for masturbation which is almost always successful in small boys is circumcision. The operation should be performed by a surgeon without administering anaesthetic, as the pain attending the operation will have a salutary effect upon the mind, especially if it be connected with the idea of punishment.” This is why we must circumcise …. Now go enjoy your cornflakes.


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