Beirut Is Getting Its First Green-Roofed Tower

green building, sustainable architecture, foster & partners, lebanonFoster & Partners broke ground on their first project in Lebanon. This new tower will also be the first in Beirut to have green roofs.

The 3Beirut tower in Lebanon will be the first Foster & Partners development in that country. As fans of something a little more earthy, like the mud brick building entrusted to house Timbuktu’s sacred Islamic texts, we don’t always agree that what F&P does is sustainble. But they are certainly making their mark in the Middle East. The designers behind Masdar City, this beautiful bank in Morocco, and scores of other projects in the region, they have just broken ground on Beirut’s very first green-roofed mixed use development.

green building, sustainable development, Foster & Partners

Set in the heart of the historic district and around a series of walkways, the retail slash residential tower is designed to be pedestrian-friendly. The podium level will feature a series of shops and cafes, as well as public gardens, that should fill up Lebanon’s brown spaces quite nicely.

green building, sustainable development, Foster & Partners

The building’s north face will overlook the Mediterranean Sea harbor, and the interior rooms will have a smaller carboon footprint than standard towers as they will be naturally lit and ventilated. A paragon of the next generation of mixed-use development projects that keep eating, sleeping, shopping and confined to one central place, 3Beirut does succeed as a more sustainable project than standard towers.

all images courtesy of Foster & Partners

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