MezooMe Designs Creates Fun Organic Baby Linens

"organic baby blanket israel"MezooMe puts the “zoom” back in organic textile design.

Like other designers who have turned their energies towards organic baby product design, Israeli designer Anat Biala’s inspiration for MezooMe Designs – a line of organic linens for babies – was her firstborn son, Jonathan.  In 2008, shortly after Jonathan’s birth, Biala had a strong urge to surround her son with high-quality, non-harmful (and very cute) products, which led her to start MezooMe.

MezooMe uses organic textiles both because organic fabrics have been shown to help reduce exposure to allergens and irritants, and because they are more environmentally friendly.  (Not to mention, super soft.)

"organic child blanket design"Biala didn’t want to sacrifice the visual factor in favor of a higher green rating, though, and hopes that Mezoome products can “provide for a safe and tactile friendly environment for our children, but without compromising the aesthetic value and functionality of the products themselves.”

The company’s website goes on to note that:

“Mezoome is all about the right combination of practicality and design oriented products, enabling both parents and children to enjoy the products due to awareness, playful design and characters.  These products will grow along side your children for many years to come, and nothing puts the mind at ease more than supreme quality and whimsical design conscience products.”

"organic baby set design"

For more information about Mezoome Designs visit the company’s website or its Etsy page.

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  1. We want the best for our babies and organic clothes or linen are made from organic cotton which is the best we can expect for babies and their sensitive skin.


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