Green Prophet Wants to Meet All The UAE Eco-Peeps

UAE, dubai, skyline, skyscrapersTafline finally gets to sink her teeth into the United Arab Emirates’ eco-scene, and wants to meet all the groovy green folks during her three week stay!

Yours truly  is touring the United Arab Emirates’ green scene on Green Prophet’s behalf and wants to see you! After a very brief but incredibly well-serviced flight from Johannesburg on Emirate Air (my how times have changed; the flight attendants came from at least six different countries), I arrived at approximately 5am this morning. With a little help from the folks at Global Ocean, who are facilitating my participation at a series of screenings of an important documentary that exposes overfishing, we have a three week opportunity to learn everything we can about environmental issues in the Middle East.

I will be speaking at the Al Ittihad boy’s school, who are participating in our first ever eco-blogging competition, visiting Masdar, visiting with the UAE’s Most Innovative Design Couple, touring Sir Bani Yas Island, and meeting various eco-savvy businesses, designers, and hopefully government officials throughout the UAE.  If you are interested to chat with us, if there’s an important issue that you think we need to know about, or if you are working in cleantech or sustainable architecture and design, please drop me a line at [email protected] I’m dying to meet you!

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About Tafline Laylin

As a tour leader who led “eco-friendly” camping trips throughout North America, Tafline soon realized that she was instead leaving behind a trail of gas fumes, plastic bottles and Pringles. In fact, wherever she traveled – whether it was Viet Nam or South Africa or England – it became clear how inefficiently the mandate to re-think our consumer culture is reaching the general public.Born in Iran, raised in South Africa and the United States, she currently splits her time between Africa and the Middle East.Tafline can be reached at tafline (at) greenprophet (dot) com, @teakettle22,

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