New Pedestrian Projects in the Center of Tehran

traffic congestion in Tehran

Two more streets in center of Tehran will be changed to pedestrian streets. These two are Bab-Homayoon and Naser-Khosro streets in highly busy center of Tehran. According to Zone 12 of the Municipality of Tehran, the project for changing the function of streets will be started soon.

Another part of the city that have both historical value and also a corrupted urban and social problems is Marvi Alley. There are some plans for this old alley too. As the managing director of the Beautification Organization of the Municipality of Tehran says, the regeneration plan of Marvi Alley is being considered. More projects like these could reduce smog holidays.

Sepahsalar Street was the first major street in the center of Tehran that became pedestrian about three years ago.  The governmental authorities and the municipality observed a good feedback from the people, who were tired of busy and noisy streets and thousands of cars. Then some other suggestions like the regeneration and pedestrianization plans, which were mentioned, were presented.

These days, the urban travels have been quite hard for the residents of Tehran. The jobs are centralized in the center of the city and that can be great problem for a city of more than 13 million inhabitants. The result is a very populated and polluted city center. Therefore, the people seem happy to walk in pedestrian, newly renovated streets.

Another old street that is a target of the similar projects is 15-Khordad Street, which similar to Bab-Homayoon and Naser-Khosro and a remainder of the nineteenth-century Tehran. The probable extension of these projects can be developing pedestrian belt around the Grand Bazaar of Tehran.



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