Abu Dhabi Calls On Its Residents to Stop Polluting the Environment… With Abandoned Cars

Abu Dhabi tells its residents not to pollute the environment by abandoning their cars. [image via: k.a.r.e.n]

We’ve heard of personal cars causing all kinds of pollution – air pollution, noise pollution…  But abandoned cars polluting the streets and parking lots of a city?  That’s taking pollution to a different level.  And the Municipality of Abu Dhabi has decided that it won’t tolerate it anymore, calling on owners of personal vehicles not to abandon their cars in roads, parking lots, or public places.

The Municipality of Abu Dhabi has made this issue a priority recently, since the summer vacation is approaching.  (And perhaps because it expects an influx of tourists after the latest Sex and the City movie brought some love to the UAE?)  The municipality claims that abandoned vehicles put the safety of residents at risk, disrupt traffic flow, and deprive the public of parking spaces and road access.

Although the issue is being made a priority now, it has been a problem for some time.  Between November 2009 and June 2010 alone, 2,268 abandoned vehicles were towed in Musaffah.

Vehicles are towed after they have been monitored by municipal inspectors, and a 14-day notice period is issued.  When the vehicles are not removed after this period, they are towed to an impounding site.

:: Gulf News

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