Reuse Your Pillows!

pillow-fightPillows are made of not the best synthetic material for landfills. That plus the fact that pillow manufacturing companies recommend getting new ones every 6 months – 2 years. That can lead to a lot of unhealthy non-degradable fluff filling up our dumps.

The good news is that there are plenty of wonderful ways to reuse your old pillows, just make sure that you wash them first…

  • Use the stuffing to pad new pillows making them even firmer!
  • Donate them to a local animal shelter. What isn’t fluffy enough for you is a pillow heaven for an unwanted puppy.
  • Make decorative pillows for your living room and use the old pillows to stuff them.
  • Save them for the next time you pack. Your dishes will never have a smoother move.

Image Credit: Pensiero

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3 thoughts on “Reuse Your Pillows!”

  1. JR Nuerge says:

    I never thought about donating old pillows to animal shelters. Great idea!
    JR Nuerge

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