Where Does Oil REALLY Come From?

diatomUnlike popular belief, oil does not come from the remains of dinosaurs, rather from the silica based life-form called diatoms. Diatoms live in the top few meters of oceans and lakes and are able, unlike people, to convert sunlight into energy.

In order to remain afloat and to store the energy they soak in, diatoms create an oil substance. But in order to use this oil to fuel your car it needs to be condensed in the ground for millions of years. It takes about a 20 metric tons of these these guys to make one liter of gasoline for your car.

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6 thoughts on “Where Does Oil REALLY Come From?”

  1. This little diatom looks like a barrel of oil.

  2. Hi Rick,

    You make a good point. It IS a hypothesis, but I thought that it was an interesting one. You are welcome to follow up with my sources, I linked to them in the article.

    Thanks for your comment!

  3. Rick S. says:

    Hi Jack R. ,

    There were experiments done that demonstrate that crude oil
    compounds can be generated by high pressure and temperature
    acting on calcium carbonate .
    Are you are theorizing that the diatoms are the source
    of the deep earth calcium carbonate ?

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