Jordan Bankrolls Cheap Vegetables for Ramadan

jordan-market Jordan  opened 15 lower-cost vegetable markets Saturday in several cities in honor of Ramadan, the month-long Muslim fasting holiday that began Friday.

According to the Jordan Times, the government began the market program last Ramadan. In exchange for a free stall, water and electricity, farmers agree to mark their produce down 30 percent. The program cost 6 million Jordanian dinars last year.

We reported earlier this year on a failed Israeli plan to tax vegetables and fruit, which drew this reader reply:

“I find this article astonishing. That any government would decide to tax the healthiest, least-processed foods available is very worrisome.”

Thumbs up to Jordan for going in the opposite direction by subsidizing the freshest food available and supporting local farmers. A similar program in other parts of the region could help farmers like the Eco-Baladi growers of Wadi Fuqin in the West Bank. Ramadan Mubarak.

:: Photo from Jordan Times

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