Reuse Your Wine Bottles

There are some very beautiful wine bottles around and it seems a terrible shame to just throw them away. Here are a few ideas of how to harness that beauty and make your house classier as well.

Some fancy restaurants use empty wine bottles to serve water. It certainly looks more elegant than a plastic soda bottle and even nicer than some pitchers.

Do you ever make homemade sauces, cordial or liqueur? Fill your old wine bottles with one of your products. Make sure you clean and sterilize the bottles properly before you fill them. If you want to go the extra mile you can put a pretty label of your own design on it and give it for a gift.

You can also use them as a candle stick. As the candle burns it decorates the outside of the bottle with wax. As you use more candles it can become very colorful!

With the help of a wine bottle you can also save a lot of water each day. In fact, with every flush.

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  5. Here’s a TreeHugger post on a recycled wine bottle wall:

    I was at a workshop in Canelo where they show you how to it with straw bale.

  6. That’s a creative idea! I know that there are glass bricks used in building and the effect is great. Please keep me updated if you find a way!

  7. Bettia says:

    Does anyone know how to build a wall with wine bottles. We have hundreds and they are too pretty to throw away. Thank you

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