A Leaky Faucet Can Save You Money

faucetI noticed a drip coming out of the base of my kitchen sink faucet. It was only a few drops, so I procrastinated. Over time it grew more and more. I thought: “it’s just a few drops, it can’t be too bad.”

Finally I went out to the store to get a new faucet. When I saw the prices I blanched, and put it off some more. But finally, my conscience got to me and I bit the bullet and got the new faucet.

My next water bill was 1/3 what it had been, saving more in that month than what I had paid for the new faucet…

“Just a few drops” can add up a lot!

About Jack Reichert

As far back as he can remember Jack Reichert has been interested in the environment.In the second grade, he rallied all of his classmates to donate one recess a week to cleaning up litter from the schoolyard. That was the same year that a city councilman asked him to help with his campaign because of the letter Jack had written asking him to clean up Boston Harbor.Ever since Jack has followed the development of the international green conscience with anticipation and hope that one day we will treat Mother Earth with the respect she deserves and not turn her into another Giving Tree.For tips, feedback and prophet sightings, Jack can be reached at jack (at) greenprophet (dot) com.

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