Breastfeeding Conference for Health Care Professionals and Mothers

cute-baby-with-momBreastfeeding is good for the environment and good for babies.

To encourage and support breastfeeding in Israel, the breastfeeding support organization La Leche League (LLL) and Tel Hashomer/Sheba Medical Center Nursing School are co-sponsoring a conference Monday, June 1, 2009 at Tel Hashomer.

The conference is open to health care professionals, nursing mothers, and the general public.

The conference will include lectures by physicians and lactation experts on breastfeeding premature babies, milk supply issues, natural fertility,  breastpumps, and introduction of complementary foods (solids).

You can get a registration form from La Leche League Israel’s website. Space limited.

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Photo Credit: ODHD

7 thoughts on “Breastfeeding Conference for Health Care Professionals and Mothers

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  2. Ian | Baby Sign Language

    Breast feeding helps babies in so many ways. It gives them the essential nutrients they need, helps with their immune system and builds an important bond with the mother. Hopefully this awareness campaign will do it's job.

  3. Massage Business

    Thanks for this article – breast feeding makes such a difference on the development of a baby’s skull bones. I’d love to see more mothers breast feeding and given their babies milk that was designed for them!

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