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  1. paz
    January 26, 2009

    dose any one knows when did the minister announsed that massege (the date)?


  2. boris
    September 9, 2008

    Dear Sir
    The main idea of “Trans It” is to offer, any kind of tourist, to feel and experience the touch and the warmth of the country of Israel.
    From any place and every spot the tourist will be able to have a direct and rich contact with the local people, with no hesitation.
    In just one phone call away, our people will guide and instruct him in every way that he shell decide to go.
    Our service is virtual telephone guide. It supplements traditional service of Israeli tourist, aero and inquiry offices. It begin to work when a tourist get without treatments of the companies (in the evening, in Shabbat, in holydays). That’s way our commercial interests will be able to coincide.

    We shell provide an answer for any question or situation.
    From the smallest question as “how to order water in restaurant in Hebrew? ” To ” which are the most popular places should we visit in Tel Aviv?” .
    “What is the best way to get from Jerusalem to Eilat by bus, airplane or rent a car”?
    As well we shell offer prime location to visit in every area.
    For younger population we shell provide information targeted for their needs (parties, pubs, dance bars, sea shores and invitations as well, if needed).
    As well we are offering translation service for tourist and citizens as one.
    For any further information please contact as:
    Gavriel – 972- 50 – 7802922 (in English and Hebrew)
    Boris – 972 -54 – 5983919, 972-777-282917
    [email protected]
    Best regards


  3. Fritz
    August 12, 2008

    Props to them for promoting this, but doing this to draw tourists from around the world (their stated goal) is hardly “eco.” I’d prefer initiatives that promote local tourism.


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