Beggars Can Be Choosers: Amit Brilliant's Recycled Wallets

Amit Brilliant BeggarsAccording to that old expression, beggars can’t be choosers. But Israeli designer Amit Brilliant proves that saying wrong with her line of recycled wallets, bags, notebook covers, and hats – BEGGARS.

She chooses not to dump what would normally end up in the trash and turn it into something useful and aesthetic instead.

In other words, she begs to differ.

Brilliant recycled walletsBrilliant’s brilliant creations are made out of old maps, paper shopping bags, Bamba bags, laundry detergent wrappers, and whatever else she can get her hands on. She usually uses the wrappers of classic Israeli products, so these make a great souvenir or gift from Israel. (Pair these up with some of Yoav Kotik‘s Israeli beer cap earrings and you’ve got quite the environmental and patriotic gift.)

In transforming packaging – something that was supposed to be disposable – into something that can be used over and over again, Brilliant makes an optimistic statement about how we can transform and hopefully change the negative effects of mass consumerism.Amit Brilliant Beggars

You can find these great wallets in the Nachalat Binyamin crafts market (open every Tuesday and Friday afternoon in Tel Aviv) or, if you can’t make it there, at the Jewcy online store.

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Much to the disappointment of her Moroccan grandmother, Karen became a vegetarian at the age of seven because of a heartfelt respect for other forms of life.She also began her journey to understand her surroundings and her impact on the environment.She even starting an elementary school Ecology Club and an environmental newsletter in the 3rd grade. (The proceeds of the newsletter went to non-profit environmental organizations, of course.) She now studies in New York.Karen can be reached at karen (at) greenprophet (dot) com.

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  8. Bonnie Valentino

    I have puchase your wallet but your BC stuck to it
    Your BC was made from recycle paper and it is permanently stuck to the wallet
    I purchase
    I love the wallet
    Any help!!!
    I could not even see the e-mail address
    [email protected] net.??????

  9. Roseann Gould


    Every year when I come to Israel one of the first stops I make is to your stall at Nachalat Benymin. I LOVE your wallets and bags. I buy several wallets to bring back to San Francisco for presents for my friends, and a few for myself as well. I hope you will be selling more of your items on line soon.

    The world is so small because this year (2008) when I was there I learned that you went to school with my niece Tamar!!!
    Your wallets, and other items, are so well made they last for at least a year or more. Thank you for your creativity and high quality work(wo)manship!

  10. Rachel Weiss

    A graduate from the Arava School of Environmental Studies will be in Jerusalem during the last week of June — 22nd to 30 June and will be offering workshops on crocheting hand bags, wallets, hats, bracelets and mats, using disposable plastic bags. Beautiful work with many possibilities and, of course, user friendly.
    If you are interested in learning this art or would like your children to learn a new craft to keep them busy and “green” during the summer months, please email a message or call 02-5618566.
    Please indicate your name and telephone number .
    The workshop is scheduled to take place on Monday evening in the German Colony, either in a private home or at a community center, depending on the number of participants..
    Please reply to:
    [email protected]


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