The Cousteaus Set Sail For Israel

Growing up as a kid, my favorite nature shows were either the Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom or specials about Jacques Cousteau as he explored the great seas.

Some of those hours glued to the tube made me into who I am today.

Thanks to some key words penned into a story on ISRAEL21c, marine research collaboration is now taking place between Israel’s EcoOcean and the Cousteau Family.

After reading a story about EcoOcean’s unique ship and education center (we guess they use Google alerts), the Cousteaus approached Andreas Weil from EcoOcean. “I knew about the famous Jacques Cousteau since I was seven. I envisioned myself maybe in 10 or 20 years from now meeting someone from this foundation, in the same room, at a conference,” said Weil.

Jean Michel Cousteau, the son of his late father Jacques, wrote ISRAEL21c: “It is very important to make all of Israel’s youth appreciate the value of their marine resources and we applaud the good work of EcoOcean in this important endeavor.”

The two organizations are now looking into ways to broaden marine research and education in Israel. The impact could reach the entire Middle East region, where water security has become such a major issue. Both are now at the information-exchanging level, and there are talks about building a large marine education center together in Israel.

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