Bagir's Recycled Plastic Bottle Suit Gives New Meaning to Euro-Trash


Israeli clothing company Bagir outfits about 1 in 6 UK men. A fraction of those men are set to become more chic with Bagir’s Eco-Gir, a suit made from 100% recycled materials, 30 PET plastic bottles.

The company is also set to become the first in the world to label its products with a carbon label.

How is that Israel is so behind in the environment circle one minute and then leagues ahead the next? Maybe divine intervention to quenching the Israeli thirst for plastic? For those suave men who don’t like polyester, Bagir has also developed a line from organic cotton.

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11 thoughts on “Bagir's Recycled Plastic Bottle Suit Gives New Meaning to Euro-Trash

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  8. Stephanie

    Wow that is so wonderful. I mean I have heard of outfits being made out of recycled stuff but it never looked that good. That outfit is really nice. Nice post by the way!


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