Salon Mazal for Anarchists, Idealists and Ecologists

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A long time ago, when we were more idealistic, we spent an afternoon at Salon Mazal. Feeling like an anthropologist, we studied the people who were hanging out there: self-named anarchists, squatters, Arab rappers, earth-lovers…you-name-it.

(You can read the story here).

Anyway, it turns out that Tel Avivian anarchists are not so scary after all. Some of them do have very long leg hair (the girls), and may hate you if you have a job or think Rachel Corrie was a loser, but they have a pretty neat library collection. Books that you are not likely to find at a city library, like on women pirates.

Besides the books, Salon Mazal also sells comics and underground music CDs, they have a veggie restaurant (we hope the dead chicken pics have since come down), they offer a room for other like-minded “anarchists” to meet; entertain regular speakers, and are rumored to be starting a community garden.

The action is going down on 3 Simta Almonit Street, Tel Aviv. It’s just off of King George Street and a hop-skip-and-a-jump away from Dizengoff Mall. TEL: 03 629 7734

::Salon Mazal

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4 thoughts on “Salon Mazal for Anarchists, Idealists and Ecologists

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  2. Avi

    the “veggie restaurant” (veggiebar as they used to call it) is now closed for business by the Tel Aviv city officials, who closed it down……. they’re now looking for a new place (& donations)…….


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